Chinese Medicine For All

Serve people with knowledge and values embedded in traditional Chinese medicine


Chinese Medicine for All (CMA), a charity organization (charity file Number:91/11434) formed in 2009 by a group of young Chinese medicine practitioners (CMPs) in Hong Kong. CMA strives to treat and prevent diseases among people living in poor areas with Chinese medicine, which is characterised by its simplicity, convenience, effectiveness and economy.

Hands / Wings: people help each other; all people are equal; promote TCM by our hands.
Yin-yang : represent the importance of middle and harmony in TCM.
Circle : represent the whole world without boundaries.
Red : represent enthusiasm, energy and love.

Founder of CMA

Dr. Au Cheuk Wing ( Dennis )

Dr. Tsang Wing Yee ( Charmaine )

Dr. Lee Yu Ming ( Vincent )

OUR SONG:生 命 火 光