Our Work

  • Send outstanding fresh TCM graduates to poor areas to set up mobile clinics.
  • Organize mobile health workshops to educate people how to prevent diseases.
  • Train local medical personnel.
  • Facilitate and raise fund for the work in poor areas.

Our Goal

  • Identify a few needy areas in Asia and set up mobile clinics, offer mobile health workshops and train local medical personnel.

Our Long-term Goal

  • Recruit fresh graduates from China to expand into other areas.
  • Train selected graduates prior to service.
  • Set up permanent clinics at nearby cities where CMPs will station.
  • Invite TCM experts to provide advice and training at service points regularly.
  • Organize TCM students to provide short-term service on a regular basis.
  • Dispatch rescue teams in the case of disasters.
  • Set up a fundraising arm to gather resources to expand services.
  • Form a publicity arm to promote our work and recruit volunteers.
  • Build a TCM support centre to provide advice and support.
  • Start a TCM school to train medical staff in poor areas to become qualified CMPs and send them back to serve their countries.
  • Create a TCM data bank to translate and publish books and teaching materials.
  • Establish a research institute to conduct studies at mobile clinics to enhance clinical practice and academic development.