Phase 1

3 months training will be provided by CMA. 2
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners from
Hong Kong will stay in partners area for teaching.
Training include:

  • Fundamental theory of Tradition Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Diagnosis of TCM
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Tui Na (Massage)
  • Clinical practice

Phase 2

Clinical Practice.All students must pass the exams and with sufficient clinical practice and 80% attendance. 3 months certificated Community acupuncturist (CA) under supervision of Department of Acupuncture Ward which accessed by CMA to build up CA confident and familiar with the treatment.

  • Acupuncture theory (Acu-points and meridians)
  • Acupuncture treatment (With differentiation of cases)
  • Patient Assessment procedure
  • Clinical Practice
  • Tutorial
  • Method of acupunctures (Needling technique, Moxibustion, Cupping, Scrapping, Electro-acupuncture, Skin needling, Auricular acupuncture.)

Practice Handbook volunteers:

Amy Leung, Brian Luk, Bux, Chan Yu Ming, Charmaine Tsang, David Sum, Chris Chan, Dennis Au, Derrick Lam,
Mandy Chan, Matthew Chiu, Patrick Hung, Pang Peter, Rachel Cheng, Sun Ng, Wendy Wong, Yun Ming Wai